My 2014 Deer Hunting Lease

I have a couple of places to deer hunt so I feel really fortunate.  I am also very blessed because the places I have to hunt are FREE.  While I do enjoy this I know it won’t last forever.

My goal for 2014 is to find and establish at least one deer hunting lease.  My research has already begun.  Below are some of the things I can do with a computer before I even start knocking on doors or making phone calls.

Cyber Deer Scouting Questions

How To Use Deer Scents

Most experienced White Tail hunters have used some type of buck attractant at one time or another. Once you find one that really works, it’s difficult to stop. Occasionally you might relish the challenge of not using an attractant, but you can always fall back on a good deer scent product. Nature watchers and photographers can use the same products and methods for great success.

Buck Scrapes

Probably the most common use of deer urine products is to find a scrape and add the scent. If you know how a deer mating ritual works then you can make better use of different scents. If you find a scrape and you add a Doe in heat scent, you are telling the buck that she is “in the mood”. If a Doe has already answered in the scrape then adding another buck scent tells the buck that there is another suitor courting the doe, this is similar to two guys in a bar interested in the same girl, it’s on! The Big Rack scent known as “Lady” is similar to any scent you have seen referred to as “Doe in Heat”, “Doe in Estrus”, “Doe Estrus Urine”. Standard doe pee is not the same as doe estrus urine but it has its purpose too.

Drag Rags

Another often used method is dragging. There are a number of retail products referred to as drag-rags, pads, or something similar, or you can make your own just by tearing strips from an old cotton towel. Douse the strips with deer pee and then tie a short piece of string to the rag. Now attach or tie the string to your boots or pant cuff. As you walk down the trails to your blind or stand you “drag” the scent with you. This leaves a nice trail of scent for other deer to follow, straight to you, the hunter, or photographer. Be sure you use a human scent killer on your boots and pant legs though, to make sure you’re not dragging your own scent with you too and spooking the deer.

Human Scent Killers

If you use rags or other objects to attract deer then you need to mask the human scent. You can use rubber gloves when handling your rags, feathers, or decoys but you should also spray them with a Human Scent Killer. Typically, unless someone has been feeding the deer at close range then human scent will send the deer running in the opposite direction almost immediately. Spray your bags and gear to reduce your smell which almost always triggers fear in a deer.